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Simes Minislot Disk Outdoor Surfaced Lighting lightgrey

Simes Minislot Disk Outdoor Surfaced Lighting lightgrey
Simes Minislot Disk Outdoor Surfaced Lighting lightgrey

Product Code: L059S3994W




General Information

Brand Simes

Dimensions Height: 85.5 cm Diameter: 88 cm

Color Light Gray


Socket Led Lightbulb sockets, lamp sockets or lamp holders provide electrical connections to the lamps and support it in the lighting fixture. The use of sockets allows lamps to be safely and conveniently replaced (re-lamping). There are many different standards for these lamp holders including screw bases, bayonet bases and pin connectors.

Dimmable Nee

Lumen Output 5626 The lumen output or luminous flux indicates the amount of visible light emitted by a light source in all directions: It is the total amount of light in a light beam. The light flux depends on the power of the light source and of the color of the light.

LED light has a high luminous flux with only a small wattage. An incandescent lamp gives a luminous flux of about 12 lm/W.

40-watt incandescent = 450 lumens
60-watt incandescent = 800 lumens
100-watt incandescent = 1600 lumen IP waarde

Light Color 3000

Max. wattage 50w

Light Source LED-module LED-systeem (bijv. Fortimo, Reo, etc.) A light source is the object that emits light. Unfortunately, lamp and light source are often randomly used. A lamp is a fixture that will contain a light source. A light source emits light, a lamp doesn’t.

Dimensions Height: 85.5 cm Diameter: 88 cm

Bulbs Included Yes

Adjustable No

Power supply / driver Yes A powersupply is part of the lamp that converts the input voltage (from mains) to one that is suitable for the different parts of the lamp. The voltage is often transformed to a lower lever. Also a power supply can provide a conversion from AC to DC (or vice versa).

If no transformations are needed (as is the case within can descent light bulbs) then a power supply or driver is not required. If the transformations do not take place inside the device but in a separate one, it is called an adapter.

Emergency Lighting No Emergency lighting is a form of lighting that switches on automatically when the power fails. A luminaire with emergency lighting has a connection to the mains as well as a battery or emergency power supply that supplies the lamp with power during power outages.

Color Rendering Index 90

IP Code IP65 The IP rating indicates the extent to which electrical appliances such as lighting fixtures are protected against solid objects and water.

An IP (Internal Protection) value always consists of two digits.
The first number indicates protection against solid objects. The second digit indicates the degree to which the device is protected against water.

When a fixture is properly sealed against water (indicated by the second digit), then fixed objects will not easily enter the light fixture unit (indicated by the first number). A high second digit will therefore always be accompanied by a high first digit.

A lighting fixture for outdoors or in the bathroom requires a higher IP rating. For example, the bathroom is divided into four security zones, each with its own required IP.

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