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Strand @ Muuto

In just a decade, Danish design company Muuto has grown into one of the major players in Danish design.

The new cooperation with British designer Benjamin Hubert is broadening horizons for Muuto. It has let to a beautiful new collection, inline the Scandinavian reputation for quality and craftsmanship. This philosophy is reflected in the name Muuto, based on the Finnish word 'Muutos', which means 'new viewpoints'.

For its latest addition to there successful lamp collection, it has launched STRAND - a group of simplistic yet statement pendants that have a technical disposition. 'The Strand pendant lamp is created using a cocoon polymer material that covers its steel structure, imitating the silkworm's act of "self-wrapping",' Hubert explains. 'The material is applied to the steel frame as it spins, tightly clinging to the ribs, and gives it an almost cloud-like character'. This idea was first presented by Flos founders Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni's models Viscontea and Taraxacum back in 1962.

When the lamp is switched on, it emits soft light through its translucent body. 'Something I really like about the material is how the graphic lines of the steel structure lie subtly under the cocoon material, like a pencil line on paper,' Hubert explains. STRAND marks a new partnership based on shared respect for the fundamentals of Scandinavian design. 'As a studio, we believe in creating products that exude a sense of simplicity while being super sensitive to the user's surroundings and emotions,' Hubert says.


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