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Belt @ Flos

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have created a remarkable collection of modular pendant lighting for Flos. Belt’s infinite composition of soft, striking modular lighting, tantalises in every way, as it snakes through the air to create stunning, versatile compositions.

Contrast conquered

Belt’s simple, yet powerful and daring design finds harmony between every different aspect of its form. In BELT we have the ultimate flexible modular lighting. Elevate it from the floor, extend it from a wall, suspend it from the ceiling - once you buckle the first smooth, supple leather-wrapped belt, this design goes wherever you want it to.

Soft, yet robust, flexible yet defined, subtle yet instantly remarkable, in Belt the Bouroullec brother have made the most simple function new. With every part of its modular lighting system composed of pliable, yet robust, long belts of leather, secured by buckles, we have an endless design that has no limits.

Free your mind

As the lines of BELT bend and twist, delivering a surprise with every turn, we cannot see where the LED light begins and the fittings end. Truly, ‘the best position for a light source is always unexpected’. As Belt, rises, glides, bends and descends, together as one, every one of its parts carries the light.

Blending seamlessly, the elongated, rigid, linear beams of LED light, flow into soft connections – some carry weight, others connections. Together they deliver beautiful beams of powerful LED light to any part of the space that you wish.

Available in brown or black leather, BELT features an array of LED lighting modules wrapped in soft leather.

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