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Pet light @ Moooi

Unleash your inner child with these sweet, playful lighting fixtures!

Moooi introduced Pet Light. Marcel Wanders design these beautiful table lamps. The family consists of Uhuh, Purr & Noot Noot. The frosted glass body which emits a heart-warming light is decorated with a touch of gold. You can choose between a penguin (Noot Noot), a rabbit (Purr) and an owl (Uhuh).

Noot Noot, based on a penguin, has a height of 33 centimetres, a width of 18 centimetres and a depth of 20 centimetres. Purr, a rabbit, is 27 centimetres high and has a diameter of 21 centimetres. Uhuh, an owl, is 23 centimetres long, 24 centimetres wide and 21 centimetres tall.

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