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Well-Lit: Canon Zilveren Camera 2017

On Sunday, February 4, the award ceremony of the Canon Zilveren Camera 2017 took place during a festive opening in Museum Hilversum. Photographer Chris Keulen won with the impressive photo series Vulnerable Love. For the lighting of photography, Museum Hilversum opted for an innovative solution: leased LED lighting via Light as a Service from Brink Light.



No spotlight, just illumination

Marieken Oostrom, Senior Lighting Designer of Studio Brink, was asked to create a lighting design for the exhibition space of Museum Hilversum in a way that the nominated photographs could be fully expressed. "With the old light installation you always saw a circled lightbeams in the photos through the spots that were used. This is why the museum wanted to create a more modern, quieter way of lighting, with uniformly illuminated walls that ensure that all the attention goes to the artworks. So our starting point was to design a light installation for them and have them made to measure, so that we could achieve the best light effect. "And we succeeded, we heard many positive reactions from the first visitors and from the museum itself.

Circularly built spots

Marieken calls this project 'very inspiring', despite the tight deadline and some challenges, such as a ceiling height of 4 meters and the built-in track, so that the distance between the spots and the wall is already fixed. "But we are incredibly pleased with the result. The wall-washer luminair we designed with Studio Brink is in fact modular and completely circular. This gives a beautiful lighting effect and fits seamlessly with the philosophy behind the Light as a Service lease construction."

Lease a lamp with LaaS

Excuse me? Yes, the LED lighting in Museum Hilversum is rented via Light as a Service (LaaS). Basically, this means that the museum can use the lighting installation for 5 years for a fixed monthly fee. Therefore they do not have to make a big investment. And is a lamp not functioning? Service is included in the price. Moreover, the museum saves a lot on their energy bill thanks to the sustainable LED lamps. In short: for 5 years carefree and sustainable light in Hilversum. Marieken is pleased that not only the light fixtures themselves are more sustainable, but also the way in which the lighting installation has ended up in the museum: "Many organizations are often a bit hesitant about the concept of 'light leasing'. That is why we find it extra special that the Museum Hilversum dared to choose for this option."

About Light as a Service

At Brink Light we believe that we are ready for the future with Light as a Service. This construction is more sustainable, we are much more flexible in the implementation of developments and in this way we remain financially sound as a company and as an industry. Read more about light leasing here in Dutch.

Do you want to see the Canon Zilveren Camera exhibition with your own eyes? The exhibition runs until 25 March 2018 in Museum Hilversum at Kerkbrink 6 in Hilversum.

Location: Hilversum, The Netherlands
Project date: February 2018
Photo credits: ©Eelco Hofstra

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