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Good lighting is important for any space. It offers the possibility to vary endlessly and to create. Light is the ultimate mood-maker, both inside and outside. Lighting can create an atmosphere that you can truly experience. That atmosphere must match your personal preferences. This is the goal of the collection that Brink Light has carefully composed over the last 15 years. A collection of lighting fixtures that have one thing in common: they are all surprisingly well designed with a keen eye for detail.

Brink Light - About Us


Choosing the right lighting is almost an art. Professional help is often indispensable. When you strive for an optimal use of light, you need a partner that can interpret and combine your ideas, style and budget, while making it fun and understandable. Our experienced team of lighting consultants are here to assist and guide you in making the right choice. We hate unpleasant surprises as much as you do.

Brink Light - About Us


Brink Light has a small collection on stock but in most cases we’ll need to order with the factories we work with. We will complete your entire order, check and then deliver on demand at any location are give you all the details in order to collect it . Toghether with our logistic partners we can meet your demants for any large or small shipments.

Brink Light - About Us


We do offer trade privileges for trade professionals who are members of the design industry such as lighting designers, architects, interior designers, store designers, electricians, developers, contractors and exhibit houses. To apply for trade privileges send us an email.

Brink Light - About Us

Emailing blueprints

You can email or send your blueprint and have Brink Light do the lighting layout and prepare a quotation!

Brink Light works with all major design software, so you can email us your drawings by using this web form. For smaller projects such as houses or small offices, we will quote based on your blueprints at no charge. Brink Light's in-house lighting design team can also create custom lighting designs for you. Contact Timothy Meaker by phone at +31-348-435060 for rates.

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